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VERY, VERY SPOILERY undertale thoughts in response to an ask.fm question, for best, neutral and worst endings. please be cautious!

i'll try not to just list every moment in the game.

here's a confession, if you can believe it: i actually went in not expecting to like papyrus all that much because i thought he might just be a walking gag and not much else. the transition from "funny yelling skeleton font man" to "hopelessly innocent, eager baby i genuinely feel compelled to protect" came with the battle and subsequent date portion. aside from just, laughing my ass off at it, i probably realized for the first time then how emotionally invested i already was.

mettaton ex is a standout moment for sure! everything about it was surprising and Just Plain Fun for the sake of it in a way i've wanted mario rpgs to be for years. i think that might actually be my favorite boss battle in the game. (the dummy is up there too though!)

the approach to/encounter with asgore hit me pretty hard. the tense awkwardness before the fight is so well-written, and i'm pretty sure seeing him shatter the "mercy" option made me yell.

uh, i would really like to experience nightmare flowey for the first time again. god, i was so completely bowled over by that. weirdly enough, it was also the first point at which i actually found flowey kind of endearing in a way? not likeable, exactly, but as a Literal 13-Year-Old whose idea of supreme power is a creepypasta, you know? it's the same idea that had me in stitches all throughout the ~*~*asriel dreemurr*~*~ fight, yet it didn't detract at all from the quiet, emotional moment immediately after it. it just feels sincere throughout.

to change gears, i don't think i'd actually want to play through the absolute worst path again, but there were a lot of standout emotional moments there... i was shown the undyne battle a little earlier than the rest of the route, and i remember actually going "oh my god!!! yeah!!!!!!" when i saw her big transformation sequence. i did choose to play that path because i wanted to know what would happen, yet i was cheering for the enemies i fought the whole time...as i was killing them....it's a bizarre feeling.

everyone goes nuts for sans on the worst route, and i am no exception. the first encounter with him, where he tells you to keep pretending to be human and the usual music changes pitch made a rock drop into my stomach. everything about the eventual battle against him hit me super hard.......while also awakening my inner tender preteen who just wants to yell "THIS IS SO FR*CKIN BADASS!!!!!!!" i literally had to take a moment to compose myself when the fight started, lmao.


i will say the one moment at which i felt totally vulnerable was at the end of the worst route, and i can't think of many other games that have made me feel that way. i just looked up the post-worst-ending-best-ending because i didn't see it myself and it made my skin crawl even though i knew what was going to happen soooooo lmao

god, i don't even remember what this question was asking anymore. im sorry this became an essay about every single one of my undertale feels. this game is really good


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